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What Is Drain Relining?

drain relining buckinghamshire

Damage to the pipe may have been caused by root intrusion, partial collapse / hole in pipe or leakage from or into the pipe. All of these problems can be solved by drain relining. The key benefits of drain relining are that it”s simple, does not disturb the surrounding area and the pipe capacity stays the same most times improving the flow.

AA Biotech can reline most pipes by placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe without the expense and disruption of excavation. Drain relining is suitable for sewers and vertical rainwater down pipes etc and is most commonly used on pipes that have suffered from cracking, breaking or general wear and tear.

The liner is impregnated with resins and then dragged into the damaged line. The liner is then inflated under pressure by a specialised calibration hose and is kept under pressure until the resins have cured and the liner has become solid. The calibration hose is then removed and the pipe has been sealed, reinforced and smoothed out to leave a water tight pipe.

One of most serious drainage problems, that affects ALL types of property, is the threat posed by leaking drains. Leaks can occur for many different reasons, the most common being when drains become cracked or broken as a result of general deterioration or tree roots infiltrating the drain. Over time the water that leaks from the pipe will wash away soil from around the pipe and surrounding area, resulting in a void or area of soft ground around the pipe. If this drain is near or under a property, as they commonly are, then this will frequently result in subsidence, leaking drains being recognised as the cause of up to 40% of property subsidence cases. There are many tell-tale signs of subsidence, including; cracks evident in brickwork and window sills; sunken steps or paving; and cracking of drive-ways or paths. However, although these problems are evident in numerous properties around the country, few people are aware that it’s leaking drains that are causing the problem. Therefore, with such cases it is of paramount importance that the problem is identified and the offending drain repaired as quickly as possible, as repairing a leaking drain is usually far cheaper than repairing subsidence!

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